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Nirusha S

2011-07-25 09:42:00

I’ve always wondered what it is with Sri Lankans thinking we are beyond everyone else?

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the world where a job at McDonalds is considered meagre and degrading… and coming from a third-world country such as ours, that’s a bit much, don’t you think?

My friends and relations overseas, mainly in the States, boast of making their best purchases from Summer garage sales… whereas, if I mentioned that in Sri Lanka, people will look at me as though I am flea-ridden! :) It’s a strange world, huh?

Well, I myself am not actually fussy about stuff like brands. While most people chase after the latest labels, I consider a good bargain an equal ‘win’! Guess the best things in life ARE free (or cheap, rather!)… :)

This is what the Cinnamon Gardens Baptist Church (CGBC) hopes to convey. Best known as the Baptist church opposite Odel, in Town Hall, CGBC believes that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In light of this, they have organised – not a garage sale – but a CAR BOOT SALE & FAIR!

Yup, you heard right… CAR BOOT! It’s not something that is done often (or at all!) in Sri Lanka, but it promises to be an experience to remember. Instead of in a garage, the sales booths are car boots (trunks)! Several members of the church have volunteered the boots of their cars as ‘stalls’, which will serve as ‘shelves’ of a sort. (Don’t worry, all car boots will be cleaned beforehand! :)

Car boot sales are a way of focusing a large group of people in one place to recycle still useful but unwanted domestic items that previously might have been thrown away; therefore, all church members and friends are donating new, and nearly new, items to raise funds for a Church camp.

The Cinnamon Gardens Baptist Church invites you to come for its CAR BOOT SALE, and be assured to walk away with atleast one purchase you could not have made elsewhere… and at prices you just can’t compare! ;)

This one-of-a-kind sale will take place on the 7th of August 2011, from 12 noon onwards (following the Church service at 10am), at the Cinnamon Gardens Baptist Church premises (opposite Odel).

Be there, or be a coconut! ;)

If you have just spring-cleaned your house too, and would like to hand over items to be sold, contact Thilal Nanayakkara on 0777362801.