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The Kingdom of Dreams

Banu A

2011-08-26 11:35:00

“A spectacle so grand, it can fit only in your dreams”

The Kingdom of Dreams: where the song, dance and spontaneity of Bollywood movies comes alive. A place to escape and enjoy!

If you, ever happen to visit Delhi, make sure you pay a visit to India’s first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination-The Kingdom of Dreams, located in Sector 29 Gurgaon in NCR Delhi near the Leisure Valley Park. The name speaks for itself. It is INDEED a kingdom, being a grand palace of colossal proportions with lavish interiors. The kingdom offers you authentic cuisine, musicals, dramas, Mythological shows, street dances and much more as forms of live entertainment all with the use of modern technology.

This piece of entertainment offers three product offerings: Nautanki Mahal, Culture Gully, Showshaa Theatre along with the IIFA Buzz Café. Nautanki Mahal with its 848 seat auditorium within the complex is a dynamic state of the art theatre and is host to Zangoora, The Gypsy Prince-the world’s biggest Indian Cinematic themed, theatrical, musical extravaganza. Amalgamated with the state of the art technology and wizardry, Zangoora is the perfect showcase of India’s capacity in technology and its rich cultural heritage. Zangoora is now also translated into English, Japanese and French for the benefit of international tourists. However, visitors must make note that this show is extremely popular and a prior booking is a must to experience this extravagant pageantry. Babies and toddlers too will not be permitted to enter the theatre, so parents with small children should be vary of that rule. Be that as it may, this 848-seater with big LED screens which offers a four-dimensional viewing experience is very well worth visiting.

The Showshaa Theatre is a 350-seater covered amphitheatre where stand-up routines, interactive theatre and take-offs from reality television, such as ‘My Big Fat Indian Wedding’ will be performed. Audiences would get exposed to the rich culture India has to share with the world in this theatre and would also get to participate in the reality shows!

The Ram Lila and Krishna Lila show would be staged where excerpts from the great epic stories would be performed. With its rich, traditional costumes, outstanding choreography and anomalous production it would be a presentation to be preserved in ones memory!

Apart from the entertainment section, the Culture Gully is a magical avenue spread over 100 thousand square feet and in short is a food and crafts bazaar. One of the core attractions of the Kingdom, this magical avenue gives you the experience of a busy Indian street showcasing India as an exciting destination to savor local cuisine, sample handicrafts and relish live performances by traditional artists. The restaurants representing 14 states of India are housed in representative architecture and decor. The entrance to this Culture Gully is gargantuan l in size and the small water bodies that greet you at the entrance add to the charm of it all. If you get the chance to visit the Culture Gully, I’m sure you would agree that the roof has a beauty of its own as it in fact looks like the open sky!

On the first floor of the Culture Gully is the IIFA Buzz Lounge- a Bollywood themed bar. The beguiling brand name of IIFA coupled with the Indian Cinematic themed elements of the IIFA Buzz Café, which is companioned with its interesting props, décor and music makes the Kingdom a more fascinating and engaging destination! Visitors can get a peek into the last decade of the IIFA through a world map which depicts the locations where the IIFA has travelled to, costumes worn by the stars of the IIFA and film strip featuring iconic moments in movies which would run through the café. Stepping into the IIFA Buzz Café is guaranteed to be a truly Bollywood experience.

Tickets for the shows are priced according to the seating locations within the theatre. Tickets can be booked online and you can pick your seats online as well by accessing this site- Prices generally range from RS 750(LKR 1,803) to RS 2,250(LKR 5,408), out of which Rs.600 would be refunded to pay for your food and drinks. Make note however, that the ticket the prices are comparatively higher during the weekends (Fri- Sun) due to demand. Tickets can also be booked over the phone by dialing the number 0124-4528000.Performances are not done during the day during weekdays but only during the nights. Nevertheless during the weekends one can opt to go for the show during the day or the night. Day time shows usually start at 2pm and end at 4.30pm and the night time performances at 8pm and also last for about a 2 and a half hour.

All in all, a visit to the Kingdom of Dreams is an experience you wouldn’t ever forget. The pomp and pageantry associated with the Bollywood movies, that audience around the world dream of and get mesmerized by do come alive at the Kingdom of Dreams and even though people watch the movies to escape reality, an opportunity to make ones dreams a reality is not an opportunity one must miss!

  • aashish2011-09-20 07:40:29

    i like this place when i see in NGO tv channel.... this is the one of the best place in india....