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It’s raining fun!

Banu A

2011-11-25 09:16:00

Retain the fun in life with these eight things to do when it rains!

November 24, 2011 (TCS) : Sri Lanka has been experiencing some inter-monsoon showers during the evenings, these past two months and it seems to be putting a damp on people’s spirits.

It is a hassle to carry around an umbrella everywhere you go. It’s annoying to get your feet drenched every time you step out. Clothes are ruined, events are cancelled, moods are out, lethargy sets in, the satellite TV is scrambled and the traffic goes from bad to horrendous!

So what can we do during this potential power cut periods, when it’s stiflingly humid during the day and cold during the nights? Well, all is not lost-the rain has its many advantages to keep you happy and comfortable. Here are eight things you can do when it rains, that would keep the smile on your face!

1) Colour Yourselves! Put on bathing suits and then color all over yourselves with bathtub crayons or other washable colors (I recommend that whatever you use washes off easily). Draw silly faces on your stomachs or write funny messages. Go wild. Then get out in the rain and wash yourselves off. It's nature's shower! Ready for more? Dry off and start all over again.

2) Rain Obstacles-a homemade water park! Use water-proof toys and furniture to create the ultimate obstacle course in your garden! Divide into teams and have fun kicking a beach ball around cones, hula hooping, spinning in circles while resting your forehead on a plastic bat, and competing in a water- balloon toss. In this race, laughing at the goofy challenges is more important than rewarding a winner.

3) Get snapping! Showers provide a perfect opportunity to capture rare images of water droplets, colorful cloud formations, reflections in puddles, and beautiful rainbows. Use a water proof camera or a good cover for a normal one and capture beautiful images.

4) Camp Out! Pitch a tent in your garden when the clouds start to gather. You'll stay nice and dry when the rain starts, but the change in scenery will make it feel like an adventure, brightening up a dreary day. Once inside, enjoy the soothing rhythm of the raindrops hitting the tent as you tell ghost stories and create flashlight shapes on the walls. Or play a board game until the rain lets up.

5) Paint with the rain!

Put blobs of different coloured paint or powder on a paper or cardboard and place it outside. Once the rain stops take it in and leave it to dry. You will be amazed at what the rain can paint!

6) Revel in the rain. Don't fight it, enjoy it. Wrap up well in waterproofs and go for a brisk walk.

7) Bake.

To put it simply, just bake. Bake with your family, bake with your friends. It’s a fabulous way to grow closer to each other and let your creative juices flow. Throw whatever you desire into a bowl and whip something up or follow a recipe. You can even have your own version of an episode of ‘Masterchef’!

8) Read. Catch up on your reading. Curl up in bed and get a good book and get transported to another world. The weather is perfect and cozy for some alone-time.

9) Write. The rain is really quite inspirational, if you let it. Listen to the patter of the rain drops and let your imagination flow.

Of course most of these activities can be done as long as there is no lightning prevalent in the skies. It would be a very dangerous and foolish decision to camp-out or play in the rain while lightning is striking.

Nevertheless if it is just an evening shower and not a thunder storm, by all means go ahead and have some rain fun!